Women obviously don’t want to have vaginal dryness, but all of them will experience this issue in their lives. Due to aging process, your vagina can’t produce enough lube that makes the vagina dry. You may experience itching, burning, unusual vaginal discharge. Or you even have pain during intercourse and masturbation These especially occur for women who’re in menopause. Besides, there’re a number of reasons for vaginal dryness, and some of them may surprise you.  It’s also important for you to have treatment and reduce vaginal dryness.

What causes your vaginal dryness?

The hormone estrogen is really significant for women’ body. It maintains moisture and keeps the vaginal lining thick, healthy and elastic. So, when the hormone estrogen lowers, it also reduces the amount of moisture in your vagina. Also, it makes the vagina thinner. If you’re suffering vaginal dryness, these can be causes.


It’s one of the reasons causing dryness in your vagina. During menopause, the reduction of estrogen levels will lower the moisture and make the vagina dryness.   

Menstrual cycle

It’s normal for estrogen hormone levels reduce during your period. As you know, it’s one of the main hormones that takes charge of keeping vagina moist. But during your period, it runs down and makes the vagina dry.

The estrogen hormone levels often reduce during your period and cause vaginal dryness

The estrogen hormone levels often reduce during your period and cause vaginal dryness


You may not think about this reason. It’s believed that douching will clean the vagina and get rid of germs or bacteria. In fact, douching destroys pH levels in your vagina. This creates great ideal for fungi or bacteria growth and leads to dryness. If you’re thinking that douching is good for your sensitive area, you’re wrong.

Smoking and drinking

Girls who like party are more likely to have unhealthy vagina. Sorry to tell that and you also ask why. Smoking and drinking aren’t good for your vagina. Cigarette decreases circulation and increases vaginal dryness. Also, drinking reduces your sensation and leads to dry vagina. So, you should limit drink too much, only one or two glasses may be enough for you.

Childbirth and breastfeeding

Most new mothers experience vaginal dryness. As their bodies create and discharge many fluids to support the childbirth process. Besides, hormone estrogen tends to lower while you’re nursing. This causes your tissues in the vagina to be drier and thinner.

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New mothers commonly experience vaginal dryness

New mothers commonly experience vaginal dryness

Medications and cancer therapy

Why your mouth commonly gets dry when you start taking medicines? Have you ever wondered? Yes- medication sometimes makes your mouth dry and cause sconstipation. It also leads to vaginal dryness. The diuretics and beta-blockers are used to lower your blood pressure. But they can be seen the cause of dryness in your vagina.

Emotional stress

Nobody wants to have stress, but it still finds you in any ways. Recently, stress is linked to the growth of physical problems. Most people stimulate vaginal lubrication by sexual arousal. But when women can’t produce it due to stress, it may cause an anxiety performance.

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Vaginal yeast infection

Many people misunderstand between vaginal dryness and yeast infection. In reality, vaginal dryness results in itching, burning and pain. Yeast infections cause itching, pain and abnormal vaginal discharge. So, does the infection cause vaginal dryness? The answer is the dryness in your vagina will be the reason of yeast infection. Due to reduction of hormone estrogen and pH levels, yeast is more likely to develop. Generally, there’s a mutual interaction. Antifungal medication is necessary for yeast infection. Fugacil cream can be the best choice to treat it.

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In fact, the dryness in your vagina will be the reason of a yeast infection

In fact, the dryness in your vagina will be the reason of a yeast infection

How to treat vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness causes discomfort and pain. It also has impact on your sexual life. Thus, treatments are needed. The most common cure for this condition is topical estrogen therapy.  The treatment will replace some hormones that your body can’t make. It may relieve the dryness. Here’re 3 types of vagina topical estrogen which most women use:

–  Estring (vaginal estrogen ring). The soft and flexible ring will be inserted into your vagina. You or your doctor can do it. This ring will help to relieve your dryness. By releasing directly amount of estrogen to the vaginal tissues, it supplies enough hormones estrogen for your body. The ring is commonly changed every 3 months.

–  Estrace, Premarin (vaginal estrogen cream). The cream is inserted into your vagina. It’s typically applied daily for 1-2 weeks. Then, it’s reduced to 1-3 times a week. To make sure, you should follow your doctor’s instruction.

–   Vagifem (vaginal estrogen tablet). You insert a tablet into your vagina once a day through an applicator. Then, increase twice a week until you don’t need it.

vaginal estrogen tablet treat vaginal dryness

vaginal estrogen tablet treat vaginal dryness

Topical estrogen is good, but the product still has side effect, like breast pain or vaginal bleeding. So, it’s commonly not recommended for women who have breast cancer. Pregnant and breastfeeding women also avoid it.

In case you can’t produce lube during sex, lubrication is a good support to reduce dryness. Water- based or silicon-based lubrication can be used with latex condoms. You shouldn’t avoid oil-based product for this condom as it can destroy your condom.

Also, reducing stress is one of the best way to relieve the condition. Stress makes the body to produce higher epinephrine hormones. This hormone disturbs the sexual response of your body and obstructs vaginal lubrication. You should do anything you like, such as hanging out, reading books, cooking to reduce your stress.

When women start turning 30s, their vagina also have changes. And vaginal dryness is a trouble they have to experience. But most of them don’t know what causes this condition. In fact, lots of reasons lead to dryness vagina. Women should understand them and look for treatment. It’s important to have healthy lifestyle and diet to reduce this issue.